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We accept checks , but there are a few limitations.

(If your payment is over $3500 – please see line item #6 below)


  1. All checks must be made out to

  2. Checks can be mailed to

          C/O ZDRAFT.COM

          477 Peace Portal Drive, Ste 107-330,

          Blaine, WA 98230 U.S.A


   3. Work may be delayed until checks are received and payment

clears, therefore we highly recommend :


If work is “Rushed”

  • that you send us a Certified Check or Bank Draft

  • you utilize the services of a National Courier service such as


FedEx -



Consider the use of a Visa or Mastercard   (click here)


   4.  f you are paying a Deposit on work, and since we require payment in full before usable drawings and CAD files are released, you may want to consider sending along a Post Dated Check for the balance of the work so as to expedite delivery.  Again, project may be held until payments have cleared.

   5.  $50.00 in NSF charges will apply in the event that checks do not clear and will possibly result in further delays to your work


   6.  FOR AMOUNTS OVER $3500.00

In the event you are sending a payment ( Deposit, Progress Draw, or Final Payment) for any amount over $3500.00 , then please email us at and advise that a check is ready for pickup and we will send a Courier ( at no charge to you) to collect the payment.  This policy only applies to US and Canadian clients.


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