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Frequently Asked...

Easily Answered

Q:      Explain to me the process.  What if I don’t like the first draft?

·        After we initiate the process:

-         We send you a first draft of the drawings. 

-         You will have a chance to review and mark them to correct any errors. 

-         We will then alter the draft and return it to you.

-         If the client notes any errors on our part, we will alter them accordingly – at no additional cost to you.


Q:      What if the client (or I), start adding things to the drawings, or change them beyond what the original architectural drawings demand?

·        At this point we apply an hourly rate to all additional work.

Q:      What should shop drawings cost? 
·        Shop Drawings should fall between 1% and 3% of a projects overall costs depending on complexity


Q:      How do I pay?
·        Payments can only be made by VISA. MasterCard,  via our Secure On-Line payment Portal.
          We will also accept checks under the following conditions: CLICK HERE 


Q:      Can I receive the master CAD files for my drawings?


·        Yes, it's part of the service / No extra charges




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