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Our Team is Your Team    drafting staff appreciate  the detail and value of complete, accurate shop drawings.

Before we say anything else ... we need to clarify - ​


When we say "WE" .. we really mean " in a lot of us".


Not just one guy with his brother-in-law. 

Not just one guy working part-time and doing this on the side.


"We" means "Engineering staff working from Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and New York Studios owned and managed by "


Soon approaching 24 years in business, has provided commercially viable and trustworthy shop drawings (co-ordination drawings) to the North American millwork industry.


Our reputation and business model is dependent on providing millwork manufacturers and businesses accurate renderings that above all capture what each business requires to bring their project from client approval to manufacturing to installation.

This can only be achieved by utilizing the services of people who have a clear understanding of what your shop staff, sales teams, and project managers need to be able to execute a project effectively.

It's been our long-standing goal to secure the services of Engineers who have had real hands-on experience within the industry - IN NORTH AMERICA.

Our delivery system is inclusive of each project being assigned a designated Project manager who leads a team of Engineers from start to finish.

Often, assigning and directing multiple drafters to projects results in delivering the work with a much quicker turnaround, that only benefits the clients lead time.

We look forward to having a discussion with you to commence what we ultimately hope is a long standing relationship.

10 Best Zdraft Millwork Shop Drawing Studio

Architectural Millwork  Drafting 


"Zdraft is an online outsource company that generates shop drawings for millwork and cabinet shops from Vancouver, British Columbia – to Miami, Florida. There is no question, that with the volume of drawings they prepare for their hundreds of woodwork customers across North America, these people know the value of shop drawings as a contract document".JOANNA LAZNICKA -

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